Neuro-Hackers, Neuro-Slaves: Lucien Cerise's speech

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Neuro-Hackers, Neuro-Slaves: Lucien Cerise's speech

Talking about manipulation, neuro-hacking, and means of control with Lucien Cerise:

• Summary:

1. Introduction.

2. Hacking and cognitive programming.

3. The two steps of epigenetic neuro-hacking: phishing and triangulated conflict.

4. First step. Phishing: Invisibility and Impunity.

5. Karpman's triangle, or ho to become a victim ?

6. Second step. How does the brain function and dysfunction?

7. Hacking the mimetic stereotyped and hierarchized brain's functioning.

8. Virus' anti-normative morphology.

9. Human and social sciences in the service of neuro-hacking.

10. Œdipus complex or "delayed gratification".

11. The generalized triangulated conflict. Rational and methodical piloting of the war of all against all.

• Introducing Lucien Cerise:

Lucien Cerise comes from far-left, he voted "no" to the referendum on the Treaty settling a Constitution for Europe in 2005, as 55% of the voters did. Seeing how during years 2006 and 2007 the Power is playing with ballot, he starts to engage in anti-EU movements as well as in anti-globalization movements, therefore in nationalists and localists movements.

Auto-management means freedom for people to have themselves as well as « sovereignty » for him, sovereignty in all senses: alimentary; energy; economic; politic and cognitive.

Over time and meetings, he realized that the right/left cleavage is totally phony and that the only difference to consider is between life and death.